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The student must purchase an official PACE kit that has a workbook and various card sets, and aids to the program.  The PACE kit is $500.  See for more information on this program.  Once a student reaches a certain level there is the option to add the Master The Code Kit which is $200.  See for more information on this program.


We require payment up front for the kit.  We do not require a contract, and you may pay lesson by lesson.  You have no obligation and can stop at any time and keep your kit.  We cannot refund the kit price if you stop.    We have found this to be the most cost effective for families, but it does put more responsibility on you to follow through.


We reduce the cost of the program by providing training from our homes and avoiding the costs of having the type of center based locations that many of our colleagues in other states have.


We provide our services in accordance with our contract with LearningRX, the developer and owner of the PACE program.

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