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How PACE Brain Training is Different from Tutoring or Teaching

Updated: Feb 16, 2018

We Advance Learning Skills trainers have all worked as teachers and really enjoy teaching students in various settings. However, when we are working with our PACE students, we are acting as trainers or coaches to the students rather than traditional teachers. There is a big difference. We attribute the big gains that we have seen our students make to that coaching model and the hard work of the students as they are being coached through these research based mental activities.

One of the reasons that the PACE and Master the Code programs (products of LearningRx) increase students’ abilities so rapidly is that the trainer identifies and focuses on deficient skill areas and coaches the student one on one to practice and push to improve that skill. The student is taught that it is OK if it is a bit uncomfortable to push toward that goal. The student learns to work hard and have fun along the way. The student experiences the satisfaction of mastering a skill and moving to a more difficult procedure and mastering that skill.

In traditional tutoring or teaching situations and in most classrooms, the focus is usually on learning information--generally in a group. The teacher usually focuses on strengths and tries to make the process comfortable for the students. Often the students are given a few examples and then expected to do the work independently.

The PACE trainer and whoever is coaching the student at home coach the student one on one through each activity, pushing the student to work with intensity. As the student progresses, the task is made more difficult. This process serves to increase the ability level and to make the skill automatic. Research has shown that the student’s brain is actually changed, much as a muscle’s ability is changed when an athlete works with a coach. When a skill becomes automatic the student can do it with less effort while learning something new, much like the way those who are good readers can read automatically while thinking about the information they are reading.

The student with improved mental skills is more able to benefit from classroom instruction or subject matter tutoring, because deficient skills are not slowing him or her down. The student can then enjoy learning all kinds of information and being a successful student.

And how great is it that the student has experienced the rewards of working hard and pushing to gain new skills! The world is looking for those who know how to apply themselves to difficult tasks.

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