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What about PACE and Students with Disabilities?

We are often asked about how the PACE and Master the Code programs can help students with various disabilities.

The mental activities we use in PACE can improve the skills of almost anyone. There is a history of college students and professionals using PACE to sharpen their skills. That said, it is often people who are considered to have disabilities who are most motivated to access our program.

We have had some excellent results with students who have been diagnosed with learning disabilities including dyslexia and/or ADD or ADHD as well as students who were not diagnosed but were experiencing similar challenges. Students who are high in some areas and deficient in others can make spectacular gains.

We have also done some very rewarding work with students with intellectual disabilities. Students with intellectual disabilities come with vastly different profiles. Some are quite high in some areas and lower in others. Others may be lower across many skill areas. The profile of the student influences how much progress the student is able to make and how quickly. Another determining factor is if the student likes working or is willing to work on the mental activities and if there is someone at home who is able to coach the student on the days away from our coaching. Generally progress will be slower for a student with intellectual disabilities, but gains can definitely be made. It might take longer than the standard three months for a student to make a lot of gains. But who can measure how valuable those gains will be in the student’s life?

We had one hard working young lady with an intellectual disability who liked PACE so much that she kept coming for three years! She would come and report that she could read better, and she was thrilled about it. We have had students with Down Syndrome who have made gains. Generally they worked with us until they or their family became tired of the practicing, and the families were happy that progress had been made. Conversely, we have had a few experiences with students who could not muster the intensity to really make much change in their abilities.

Anyone who is considering PACE is welcome to contact us about our free screening evaluation. In this evaluation we can look at if the student is able to try some of the activities and where the student’s deficient skills are. We can help you consider whether PACE is a good fit for the student.

We will say that we have really enjoyed working with those amazing students with disabilities who were willing and able to do the work! We believe that every student who wants to try PACE should have the opportunity.

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